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I'm always being asked about cake decorating techniques. So here are three of the most common questions people ask.

How Do I Make Successful Sugarcraft Models?

If you are making small rounded shaped models like animals, snowmen etc. you can us the same sugarpaste or fondant that you cover your cake with. These models can be made in one simple stage.

BUT if you are making taller models you must use modelling paste or a mixture of sugarpaste and modelling paste. Taller elegant models, like a bride and groom would need to be made over 2 or 3 days, allowing parts to dry before adding on the next element.

When I am piping writing or line work why does my Royal icing curl as it comes out of the end of the tube or nozzle?

This is probably because you have a tiny piece of dried icing ad the end of your nozzle. Give you nozzle a wipe with a damp cloth to remove it. The other possibility is that you are using a cheap nozzle or tube with a seam. The seam may be opening up and causing this. I only ever use professional tubes by PME or Bekenal, as they are seam free so this cannot happen.

I've been trying to stencil my cakes with Royal icing but it always smudges. Help!

When you lift the stencil off the cake, this is generally when it will smudge. The thicker the stencil is the less likely this will happen. Thicker stencils are easier to pick up and remove.